Monday, 14 July 2014

Sad News


It is a long time since a post was made on Barn Owl Diary
and it’s not good news I’m afraid.

Polly sadly died last Monday.

18th March 2011 to 7th July 2014

Thanks to all who read the blog, I do hope you enjoyed it!


Saturday, 12 May 2012

What a great day!

Well I know its been a long long time since you had any updats from me but as ever my life is pretty much the same day in day out

But today - it wasn't!

It startd when dad decided I could have a little freedom while he was getting all us birds ready for a show - so I was in the kitchen - overseeing what he was up to - it has to be done, you understand!

Well dad talks away to me - one day I will stun him by replying....but for now I just listen - well when it suits me I do...

Not too sure what happened next - or why - but I ended up on top of the wall cupboards - you can take it from me there is little room up there - I struggled to stand upright!

I was wandering around up there and suddenly my attention was drawn to movement under the wall can that be???

So I was concentrating so hard - I mantled - and I was determined I was having whatever it was - only problem I could see was how was I going to get down a space that was only about 2 inches wide...

Mum came to look armed with the camera - ha ha - too late - I aren't posing for piccies today thank you very much!

Then it was mystery solved - dad was telling mum he was wiggling his fingers under the gap in the units - huh - there was me thinking it was something worth getting into a fix for!!!

So soon enough us birds were all in the travel boxes we now all have - and on our way to the show...

It wasnt too busy to start with but as always us birds draw large crowds - especially kids - you wouldn't believe how many times they poke, prod and nudge me and I really just want to sink my beak in - of course I dont - cos I am a professional!!!

Can you think back quite some time ago - we were at another bird show and I had a break for freedom? That day I flew and flew high into the trees and everyone feared I would disappear from view and never come back again?

Well guess what? I did it again today....

Up up and away - just like that!
People pointed and gasped

And all the while I continued flying tree to tree!

Oh what fun....

Panic panic panic

Thats what it was - dad was super calm - and he had good reason...he knew how to get me back...

Steve to the rescue!

Thats a neighbour and friend and member of White Rose Falconry group...

He shimmied up the tree and came face to face with me...

Nice to see ya Steve  - lol

And then I was down and once more secured to my perch....another adventure under my belt!

I must just add - it wasnt dad that let me go this time...

It I can't say cos she will be mega embarrassed - wont you Esta!!!!

A few piccies here of the other birds

Gizmo the Tawny Owl

Uluka the Bengal Eagle Owl

Kai the Harris Hawk

Bye friends....


Saturday, 11 February 2012

New Photographs

Well its been a long long time sonce I added anything here so thought you might like to see a few piccies mum has taken of me and Gizmo....

We are both continuing to do well - we spend all day out in the garden and we love the snow - I hear mum complaining about it all the time and dad saying its hard work walking 3 dogs in it - but hey its great fun for us birds - have to say I think Gizmo might be tapped in the head at times though cos he just rolls and rolls in the snow - brrr - I like it - but not that much!

Mind you some days dad takes away the thickest sheet of ice from our huge baths and silly fool Gizmo will lay in the freezing cold water - head under it - the lot!!! As I say - he must be tapped

I had a day out with dad today - together with the new baby bengal eagle owl and Graham with his Harris Hawk Casper - we were putting on a display at the Wolds Prison - a great day we had too!!!

For anyone who doesnt know about our new edition to the family - read the story here....

Right then folks - piccies for you...

Enjoy and I hope to be back again soon....

Love you all xxx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fantastic Video

Long time no see I know

But as I keep on saying life is pretty much the same day in day out now I am a fully grown beautiful barn owl

And yes I do still sing my own

All is just fine here for us - Gizmo is same as ever - he must have been a domestic god in his previous life though as he positively drools when mum and dad do the cleaning - he gets immense pleasure just watching the hoover or mop going back and forth in front of sad!!!

And he STILL at every opportunity gains access to my perch - he has started flapping like a mad owl and drags his perch 2 or 3 feet so he can then hop on my perch with me - Im pretty certain he thinks I like it - well if you read this Gizmo - I DONT! OK!!!

Im happy just watching the days happenings - I keep myself to myself these days - but mum still walks by and attempts to stroke my head - so this is a message for you mum....

When I was a baby that was great - I loved it - but Im a big barn owl now - and I dont like it!

So stop looking so shocked when you talk to me then go to touch - and I bite you!!!

Right then - back to the reason for posting - mums friend Ann sent her this link and we all think you should enjoy it too,.....

Thank you for reading - hope you miss me as much as I miss all of you....


Sunday, 28 August 2011

You Tube

Well mum did promise she would add her video to You Tibe for you all to see

And she did!!!

So have a look - enjoy - and let me know what you thought to it!!!

On the down side - there is a hissy/clicky sound to the video - mum didnt know why - or what to do - apart from switch the sound off!!

Happy Viewing!!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A day in the sun....

During the week we had what we thought may have been the start of summer 2011 - sadly it was just 2 days of sunshine

But Gizmo and I made the most of it

Dad put us both out as normal and as is the way when the sun shines, mum heads for her garden chair - and this week she was armed with her camera!

So Gizmo and I posed for her - well you have to do what you can to make old folks happy dont you??? Believe me all us birds did was look at each other, smooch together - clean each others feathers and gaze into each others eyes and mum thought she was in heaven - snapping away like there is no tomorrow

Had I said like theres no sun tomorrow it would have been so true!!!

So we have no real news or gossip to share but there are some lovely cute piccies - and mum got a fab video but it sadly will not upload on here so I think I heard say its gonna have to go on you tube and the link then shared on here - oh well - watch this space is all thats left to say!!

In fact I think I should just share with you whats happening in some of the photographs - mum put the baby ferret out in the run for an hour - fancy putting the run in front of me - I kept looking and licking my lips - DINNER - YUM YUM - well the ferret would climb the mesh and nibble at my talons so I would hiss and spit at it - but try as I might there was NO WAY I was ever going to manage to get hold of that white think that everyone seems to coo over!!! YAK - makes me sick! If there is a cutie anywhere round here ITS ME!!! And do not forget it!!!!

Enjoy the photos my friends.....

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Oh my - 2 posts in less than an hour - whats happening???

Too much sun today maybe??

Anyway thought I would quickly share a couple of mums favorite photos at the moment

You may recall dad looked after Barney a short time ago while his mum and dad had a holiday - he was just a baby then - well he still is I suppose but he has more than doubled in size!

Anyway a few nights ago dad and Barneys dad Andrew were going off to a meeting so Barney was left with mum

It didnt take her long to have him out his box and sat with her on the settee....and he loved it!!!

Here is a couple of new piccies of Barney taken on 15th August

Bet you're sat there now saying "I want one"

I know my mum is.....

Till we meet again folks,....

Take care