Saturday, 12 May 2012

What a great day!

Well I know its been a long long time since you had any updats from me but as ever my life is pretty much the same day in day out

But today - it wasn't!

It startd when dad decided I could have a little freedom while he was getting all us birds ready for a show - so I was in the kitchen - overseeing what he was up to - it has to be done, you understand!

Well dad talks away to me - one day I will stun him by replying....but for now I just listen - well when it suits me I do...

Not too sure what happened next - or why - but I ended up on top of the wall cupboards - you can take it from me there is little room up there - I struggled to stand upright!

I was wandering around up there and suddenly my attention was drawn to movement under the wall can that be???

So I was concentrating so hard - I mantled - and I was determined I was having whatever it was - only problem I could see was how was I going to get down a space that was only about 2 inches wide...

Mum came to look armed with the camera - ha ha - too late - I aren't posing for piccies today thank you very much!

Then it was mystery solved - dad was telling mum he was wiggling his fingers under the gap in the units - huh - there was me thinking it was something worth getting into a fix for!!!

So soon enough us birds were all in the travel boxes we now all have - and on our way to the show...

It wasnt too busy to start with but as always us birds draw large crowds - especially kids - you wouldn't believe how many times they poke, prod and nudge me and I really just want to sink my beak in - of course I dont - cos I am a professional!!!

Can you think back quite some time ago - we were at another bird show and I had a break for freedom? That day I flew and flew high into the trees and everyone feared I would disappear from view and never come back again?

Well guess what? I did it again today....

Up up and away - just like that!
People pointed and gasped

And all the while I continued flying tree to tree!

Oh what fun....

Panic panic panic

Thats what it was - dad was super calm - and he had good reason...he knew how to get me back...

Steve to the rescue!

Thats a neighbour and friend and member of White Rose Falconry group...

He shimmied up the tree and came face to face with me...

Nice to see ya Steve  - lol

And then I was down and once more secured to my perch....another adventure under my belt!

I must just add - it wasnt dad that let me go this time...

It I can't say cos she will be mega embarrassed - wont you Esta!!!!

A few piccies here of the other birds

Gizmo the Tawny Owl

Uluka the Bengal Eagle Owl

Kai the Harris Hawk

Bye friends....


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  1. Hey I think it is a Male, no spots on body and a white throat, and also as I can see no spots under the wing, so why are you still stating the she is Polly a female barn owl?