Tuesday, 26 July 2011

NEW Polly Photos

Hello again my friends

As you will have spotted I have decided to drop the DAY headings now as the posting is so here and there now....so from now on it will be a heading instead....

I'm sure most of you will have noticed just how lovely the weather was on Sunday after about a week of dull dark dismal wet days so it was a lovely change to get out onto the garden!

We are actually bird sitting this week so the garden held Kai on one side of the garden and Casper another Harris Hawk on the other side with Gizmo and I against the shed side which is a favoured spot as its sheltered from the wind if there is any!

Well Gizmo and I have become the best of friends - we love to share perches whenever we are close enough to do so, and we are often seen preening each other - bet you're sat there thinking "Ahhh how sweet!!!" and don't say you weren't - lol

Who would have thought that 2 totally different breeds would have hit it off like we do?

Some of the photos look great and I am pretty sure when looking at them you have captions in your mind don't you? I know I do!!!

Just for a change this is Gizmo on his perch and me trying to move on in - I was just a tad too far away to make it to the top centre with him which is why you see me either on the floor at the front, back or side of him....mental note for dad  BE SURE TO PUT US NEARER TO EACH OTHER!!!! lol

The photos shown were all taken on mums mobile phone - she decided not to crop them in any way so they were simply blue toothed to the PC and resized so that they don't take forever to open!!!

These are a few of best buddy Gizmo - he is such a handsome lad isn't he? So cute and cuddly and very very friendly especially with mum!!!

And here is the last of this weekends photos - its me - cheeky Polly!!! I am at the stage where I really don't like having my photo taken so shy away but mum tricked me with this one!!!!

Before I go I must mention some sad news we had recently, another of the baby barn owls that belong to a member of the falconry course sadly died unexpectedly just a few days after SOVA, this baby was a few weeks old and called LULU - only the night before she died mum was stroking her when her daddy brought her to the falconry group meeting!
On the happier side, Andrew - Lulu's owner has just got another baby - good luck Andrew.
Bye for now folks.....

Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 103

Hello again friends - bet you aren't enjoying this magic show are you? The vanishing Polly - here one day gone for the next week!!! lol

Its as I said before, with no news I just had to cut down on posts as they were pretty dull for me to tell and must surely have been the same for you readers!!!

But I have photos to share with you of Gizmo and I - we really have become inseparable these days - its good to have a best friend though, I'm sure we are all agreed on that! The photos above were what mum took on Saturday as she was trying to get ready to go to a craft show - every morning we are so hungry so fly at everyone that dares to walk past whichi s why so many photos of me in flight!!! They arent particularly good photos but then it is MUM taking them!!

And some very sad news too....one of the baby barn owl friends SOVA from dads falconry course very sadly died - his mummy got up yesterday (Sunday 17th July) to find him on his back - very unexpected and naturally the family are devastated, they have been in touch with the breeder who has said she can have a new baby from the next clutch. SOVA was just 7 weeks old. As we know after having Sid then getting Polly, its never the same - they make look the same, go through the same process but their characters are so different and even now we still compare Sid and Polly as I'm sure Esta will with hers!!! This is a photo of SOVA that was taken at our fun day when he was just 5 weeks old.
So now back to me again - my favorite subject ME! ME! ME! ha ha how naughty of me....

The weather over the weekend has been dreadful hasn't it - so much rain - so us birds have been indoors and we have loved it!!!

Kai has been in the dining room so gets to see everyone and everything that goes on - he is really well behaved sat there looking regal....except when that white dog Fern is around - oh my word he does NOT like her at all so hisses and spits and goes off like a wild thing until she goes away...its not that she has ever done anything to him so maybe its from when he was with a previous owner....

Gizmo is a real odd ball as dad put him in the box - this is a purpose made bird box with a perch used to transport birds and cut done on stress, well Gizmo just loves it - he is a happy chappy sat on the perch whether hes watching whats going on, facing the wall or even with the door shut - and he does like to shred paper - dad keeps the box clean by using an A2 sheet of paper and Gizmo will sit on the floor and pull it to bits, then flick the pieces all over....he is so loved by everyone, its easy to see why isn't it?

And I've been in the hallway - what an adventure that it too, its on the dark side which suits me great, people pass in and out but don't over bother me, I get to greet anyone knocking or visiting - its so funny when someone knows, I start clicking and when the door is open they start to talk and stop open mouthed when they see me....so even ask why do we have an owl in the hallway!!!

Last night there weather was pretty good so without warning dad decided it was flying lesson/attempt 2....I was taken out and perched on the fence while dad got himself sorted, he walked about 10 steps into the street then called me....nothing!! He tapped the glove which is how he gets my attention - nothing!  He dangled the food above the glove which is his next resort when tapping hasn't worked - nothing! Clicked -nothing! whistled - nothing!

Come on dad - what do you expect? I get out there are there is just so much to see - maybe not for dad but for me - WOW - remember Ive only been here a couple of times before, I see the wind moving a bush or tree branch, a cat stalking up the street, the lights...its a huge excitement - and then you all know, I have the concentration span of a gnat.....maybe next time eh dad?

So it was just like the last time, indoors and I flew the full length of downstairs to get to the food - yum yum, I really was hungry - just nosier than hungry this time dad - sorry!!!

These last photos are of Gizmo who decided to jump in the bath of water outside just before been brought in a few days ago - he was taken to the craft room for mum to see and of course settled happily on the back of her chair for an hour till he went off in search of the glitter and papers - in fact anything to chew that he wasnt meant to chew!!! Doesnt he look cute though....

Hope you enjoyed the news update....hope it wont be too long before I'm back again....

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 97

Hello and welcome back to see whats new in the world according to Polly....

Well as ever nothing new has happened except - wait for it - I have had my first attempt at flying outdoors!!!

It was late last night - the weather was perfect, my weight was about right - and there was nobody around - the chatty neighbour who normally only nods in passing but wants to get into a conversation when hes had a drink was already home so no fear of his disturbing me again!

So, it was just dad and me - even mum stayed out the way just so I could fully concentrate on the task ahead.

Dad sat me on the fence - as its a hooped metal decorative top I was comfortable as it wasnt a million miles away from what my perch is like really - and dad started walking away....

OH NO - was this really it? Dad had got fed up with me and was leaving me....

Hang on - why would he walk away - surely he would have - well never mind, lets not go down that route - I guess I was letting my panic over take me.... phew that could have been my worst nightmare....

Anyway after he had walked around 15 or so steps he stopped, turned round and dangled the chick above the glove....


The he sort of jangled the chick, whistled to me, called out Polly a few times, made hissing sounds like I make - and guess what happened???


I just sat there watching him, so he moved 4 or 5 steps closer to me - and tried again - nothing - another few steps closer - and still nothing!!! In fact he walked right up to me and all I wanted was that chick for free and a fuss up - I didnt get either I have to add....

Dad wasnt best chuffed as you can imagine so chuntering to himself he took me back indoors and sat me on the kitchen worktop before walking through to the didning room - to which I flew and followed... he told me straight that was what I was supposed to have done outside!

Never mind, I did a few good indoor flights for him and was rewarded with food - and there is always next time.....

Mum and dad were talking about me, and dad said he can see its going to take a long long time for me to be ready to go on my first real outing - hunting!!!!

Watch this space for Polly's next adventure!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Day 92

Hello and welcome to a little update - its Thursday 7th July 2011 - not many people know that!!! LOL

And thats the update! NOT

Sorry - just feeling in a silly mood....does it show?

Thought I should tell you about what happened last night - I'm pretty sure you will all be interested....

Yesterday was another same old same old day really - fly to the glove and then to the scales for the daily weigh in - then fly back and forth for food which dad praised me for saying I was doing really good - in fact mum was pretty shocked when I flew from the kitchen to catch dad who went running into the living room with MY chick!!!

Then it was outside for the day with Gizmo and Kai - weather was so so and I suppose it was an ok kind of day

So imagine the shock when dad announced the weather was perfect so I was to have my first REAL flight out on the front - yippee - talk about excited!

It was after 11pm - all was quiet everywhere so dad brought all us birds indoors and got me ready to try the flight - he was so calm yet I could sense he was excited about it - he often said there is nothing like that first real flight to get you going - and I wasnt going to let him down - no way!

Mum decided she would stay indoors knowing how easily I get distracted - dad seemed to think it was a good idea too - and mum knew she could look through the craft room window and see it all....

I was taken out and perched on the garden fence while dad got himself organised when a car turned into the street and drove down to where we were - in fact it parked next to dads car - which is fair enough - dad stood with an impatient look on his face waiting for the car to go - what he never saw coming was the next door neighbour open the car door and step out - it was clear he had had a few drinks and proceeded to walk over to me and start a conversation with dad


That was flying finished - dad knows I have the concentration of a gnat - that is NONE - and once I get distracted I rarely go back to a concentrated state

So Steve was nattering away to dad asking questions - the same questions he has asked time and again - then he started talking to me - wonder if he thought I was a parrot and was going to talk back - it was the look on his face that sort of said why arent you replying??? DOH - if thats what drink does Im glad I dont do it,....

Who knows when I will get my next chance to have my first real flight - I know both dad and I really want it to happen - all we need is for everyone to stay away!!!

Will let you know when it happens.....


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 88

Crickey - nothing for days then 2 days running - just like the buses someone said in passing - as I don't know what a bus is - I will have to take their word for it - obviously it means something to you humans that us intelligent birds miss!!!!

Its been another long hot sunny day here in Hull and Gizmo and I have spent it out in the garden, not on our own I hasten to add!!!

Layton stayed over last night and today he and mum were busy cleaning out the ferret hutches - I was so close to those hutches - and oh how I hoped either Layton would be a good boy and bring one to me - or the hutch would be left open so the ferret would escape - my mouth waters even now just thinking about it - I have to say - it didn't happen - Layton was extremely careful both with the animals and securing their hutches!!! Maybe next time then....

So with the work all done the garden chairs were positioned to catch the most sun and then out came all the toys for Layton - he has what I can only describe as a monster truck - its a huge great yellow thing - and he shows all the signs of road rage when charging up and down the garden path - Gizmo and I look like we are cats watching a tennis game as our heads go this way ad that watching him zoom past - so close that our feathers fan in the draft - ok so that's a big exaggeration

That is about all the news for today - unless you are interested in Kai - he did a Hawk Walk today for some people and we were told he was really good and performed to perfection for the crowd - so well done to Kai!!!

See you next time....

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 87

Hello again - remember me - Polly the Barn Owl?? Seems to have been ages since I was last on but the truth is my days were the same over and over again - I was pretty bored with doing the same thing so you must have been bored reading pretty much the same all the time...

So mum and i decided it would be better to just share my day with you when I did something a little different - that way I enjoy sharing my adventure and hopefully make you smile reading it!!!

The thing mum was unsure about in doing the blog this way was the day thing - should she run it on so this post would have been day 85 or just name it as the actualy day - as you will see, we decided it was teh actualy day so welcome to day 87 lol

Now you are probably sat there waiting to read what made today different for me...so let me tell you - are you sitting comfortable? Then I will begin.....

It was the long awaited funday at the community building mum and dad help to run - and along with all the normal fun day things like tombola, carboot, cake stall, food, kiddies games etc there was a Bird Of Prey garden....yep thats right - garden!!!

In the garden were some of my lovely friends - so let me introduce you to them.....

This is me - Polly - teehee - did you guess it was me then? lol

And of course my bestest buddy Gizmo the Tawny Owl....isnt he looking good these days too....

This is another Harris Hawk like our Kai - but this is Casper - he is a stunning bird, really well behaved - his mum and dad have only had him a few weeks but he has so settled in its like he has been with them for always!!!

And now we have one of the young Barn Owls - cor blimey its an ugly thing  - was I really like that once? I dont think so - after all I am beautiful so surely I couldnt have looked like that - please tell me I didnt???? This owl is called SOVA which is Russian for OWL and is just 5 weeks old.... Sorry Esta, but one day soon that ugly baby will grow into a stunner like me - well almost like me cos Im the best there is lol

We did have a 2nd baby Barn Owl but it arrived later so mum didnt get the chance to take a photo of it - but that one was around 7 or 8 weeks I believe - will get mum to get a photo on Tuesday when we all go to the falconry class

So back to our day out - we had a wonderful time - with lots of visitors who ohhhed and ahhhed over us all - naturally I was the STAR of the show - and I played shy which all went in my favour as people then spent more time watching me and talking to me - which is how it should be - I dont mind other birds been there as long as I am number 1....

Have to say, I think us birds were responsible for most of the visitors that turned up at the funday as who would want to stay at home when you have the chance to see and touch real live birds of prey!!

Thank you for reading - lets hope it wont be too long before Im back on again.....