Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day 53

Well here we are again - goodness knows how long for though - not sure what the problem is cos mum and dad seem to speak in code - all I keep hearing is PC this and PC that - IE8 or IE9 - oh if only they knew how annoying and even upsetting it is for a yound Barn Owl - they could be talking about me and I wouldnt know would I? I'll have to rely on you my followers to tell me if they are talking about me!!! Ok?

I've been a tad rebellious all day - poor dad doesnt know if he is coming or going sometimes!!

He feeds me, lets me have my little fly, cleans up after me - talks away to me like he expects a cheery reply - and what do I do - poop all over the floor!!!

You can see I have my stump inside a huge black plastic tray and I guess the idea is I poop in that - but why? Where is the sense in that? After all if I arent on my stump where am I? Yep I'm in the plastic tray - and we all know what people think of the dog poo and how they get angry if they happen to step in it - well think about this mum and dad - why would I want to step in poop??? I bet you dont have an answer to that one!!!

Dad keeps on telling me I am in for a treat tomorrow - at first I was so excited till I heard him telling Gizmo and even Kai the Harris Hawk when he was brought in - seems we are going to a display tomorrow and Monday so have to be on our best behaviour

Naturally I am always at my best which is more than can be said for that Gizmo - he jumps around like a fool till he knows the lid off his box then he flies away in search of mum - I know he spends loads of time with her in the craft room so in a lot of ways he has a good thing going!!!

What do you think to this piccy then? Its me balancing perfectly on just one foot!!! I practice this all the time so I can show off whenever mum comes around with her camera!!!

Dad has announced now that the time has come for me to leave my box altogether so as for today I will be on the block day and night, and I think that suits me - time will tell, and I will tell you all in a day or two!!!

Time for my bed now - I need my beauty sleep - and as I said, we have a big day tomorrow so need to be up bright and early!

Bye for now....

Day 52

Just so nobody is confused mum is a day behind due to PC problems - so day 52 is for FRIDAY 27th MAY

It was another of those same old same old days though - nothing different happened - I am now spending all day on the block and love it as I have freedom to move around and I see everything that is going on!!! This is my block! The top is astra turf so its comfortable for my feet but also stable so I dont slide off!

Mum has some photos for you - but I will warn you one of them isnt pretty but its all to do with me and that was the reason for this blog was it not?

You may have heard mum in the past mention my weight after I'd produced a CAST - well in case you arent aware of what a cast is I will explain briefly as it really isnt pleasant!

A cast is something we owls bring back up after a days feeding - we can be feed a mouse, day old chick or pheasant, rat etc - well all the bones, teeth, fur etc isnt digested so it becomes tightly compacted and is brought back up as waste - it is easily disposed of, mum and dad simply flush it away!

So here is a photo of my cast for today....

Now I am on the block its a little like having the old fashioned ball and chain I reckon - I can move around but cannot go too far - unless I'm not tied up securely - which hasnt happened yet but who knows one day it might - especially if its left to mum to do the knot!!! Now I'm not saying she cannot do it - just that I have a better chance of escape if she did!!! lol

Mum took several nice photos of me but is now struggling to get them on here - it could be since the PC was reset or it could be the photos themselves - never mind, mum will try again later - thats a good thing at least - she knows how to come back and add later!!!! Good old mum!

So on that note I will love you and leave you till later when the piccies show up.....

As you can see - mum has finally managed to get some photos added for you - I know I know - they are pretty dull - but hey ho any are better than none - RIGHT?

And on that note - here is a piccy of Gizmo - the fluff ball!!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 51

Hello friends - today has seen a few firsts for me!

The first big thing was I leapt from the scales to dads glove for food - this is a huge step in the life of a Barn Owl - had I been in the wild I wouldnt have had the option shall I or shalln't I? And oh it felt good! Dad was pleased as punch when he saw me which I think made all his time and efforts with me worth the while!

The other first is my moving from the box to the block! I wont say I'm happy, cos I aren't, in fact I'm a long long way from it - but this day was coming, I knew it, you knew it - it really was just a matter of time...

I know I will soon get used to the block - but I really feel its a loss of freedom somehow - there I am tied to a ring below the block - I can move around ok, just not able to wander room to room, looking for Fern to torment, or Gizmo to bully! Oh to be a baby again....

I must just tell you all though, last night I was in my box and the lid was in position, dad doesnt fit it in place as we tend to end up hot and bothered so he rests it over the top and leaves about 5" open....mum and dad had gone off to bed and I was so fed up been in the box - I wanted to play, so I began jumping up and down, up and down, and pretty soon I realised the lid was moving, so I continued even though it was so noisy! Soon enough the box lid fell in the box and I was free to fly out - yippee!

So I was wandering around - I went into the hallway, kitchen and on the stairs it was great!!! Then suddenly a door opened and the light went on in mums I kept still and waited

A while later there was silence upstairs but the light was still on so I went off to investigate - I got up the stairs and then flew straight at mum - boy did she jump!!!! I guess it was cruel on my part - but oh so funny!!! Teach her to get up middle of the night and craft!

Spoil sport she is, I was taken down and put back in the box with the lid angled over - but I had tasted freedom and wanted more - I knew how to do it now so there was no stopping me - imagine mums horror when she came donwstairs and almost stepped on me - had I not hissed I'm pretty sure she would have done...

Again I was put back in the box - mum went into the living room, and was watching tv and as I pushed on the door I heard her take a sharp intake of breathe - poor mum must have aged 10 years through the night with me and my antics!!!!

So with all that in mind, dad decided today had to be the day for the block - it means I get freedom of sorts and I see all that is going on - everyone has to walk past me so I get plenty of hellos and such...

The Tawny Owl gizmo actually went off to have training anklets and jessies fitted - he is so laid back - any more so and he would fall over - he came home now the worse for having the fitted - he just carries on without a care in the world - there is no wonder everyone loves Gizmo is there?

I've been off my food today - not sure if I am over tired with my active night antics and then exciting day, or bored with the same foods....but I have only had 3 chicks and a pheasant chick

Tomorrow is another day - and once I'm settled, I'm sure I will enjoy been sat on the block - KING OF THE BLOCK - thats me!!!

Goodnight all.....

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

DAY 50

Welcome to another day in my life! Sorry to disappoint you all, but today my life has been as dull as dull can be I'm afraid

Havent done anything new - nothing different - well unless you want to accept mum having a falconry glove on and me sitting on her glove for half an hour - although I was pretty comfy sat there and mum just left me to enjoy it, dad did complain mum didnt hold her hand in the right position which in turn was no good at all for me!

And then tonight mum was happily engrossed in a tv program when dad took me through and handed me over to mum, cos mum didnt have a glove this time, and I knew I was digging my talons in, I flew - well hopped really - onto the back of the sofa and watched tv with mum....

Mum soon leapt to her feet and started ranting when she felt something hot and yakky down her back - ok I hold my talons up - it was me!!! lol

Its not MY fault I have to poop and I just happen to be behind my mum!!! She wasnt happy I can tell you - but dad did pop and get her a clean top and help clean up the sofa where I really had made a dreadful mess!!! Good job mum and dad love me isnt it?

Dad said that both Gizmo and I have eaten really well today - but mum would just be guessing what I have had so its better she add the info tomorrow

The new anklets and jessies arent quite what I had expected, they seem pretty big and clumsy - think dad and Marcus forgot I was just a young barn owl not a golden eagle when they made me these things.....

See what I mean? Surely you too can see they would be more suited to a huge bird rather than me - but never mind, they are now an essential part of kits so I have no choice but to get on with them!!!

Hate to say and do this to you all - but thats my lot for today - I did start off telling you it was a dull boring day didnt I?

Just hope the pictures will make up for the lack of news, gossip and info!!!

Until the next time then.....

Day 49

Would you believe it - I said a few days ago a womans work is never done and oh how true that is!!

You have seen me attempting the household chores - and now look - I help a little and suddenly I am having to try my talons to it all!

Today it was the laundry!!! Here it is all neatly folded - I just need to keep walking over it to get the creases good and sharp or I may be expected to try the ironing next! lol

And that white dog again tried to push her luck - I was minding my own business after the laundry was done and mum walked through to the kitchen, naturally I started to make my way over to her - and the white thing got there first!! Ha - she certainly didnt get out the kitchen until I was good and ready though - oh to have this power.....

Because I have this new found freedom most of the time I come and go as I please - and I just love the stairs!!! And I found something else I might just like to have a go at - reading!!! I had a peck at the books and videos and have to say one or two were very good - shame mum caught me and swiftly moved me on - never mind, there is always tomorrow!

Anyway as I made my way up to the 1st landing, turned and there was Gizmo following me a few steps behind - I stopped, he stopped, I moved - he moved! Think we both watch too many detective movies!!!

Luckily for Gizmo he did keep a few steps between him and me - at least he knows now who is the boss.....

Then the funniest thing happened - take a look at the photos and see if you can spot what it was...

I dont suppose you had much of a chance with this really so I will tell you - dad was actually up on the top landing doing something - so when Gizmo heard something he instantly looked up - dad moved so I looked up as Gizmo looked back to mum with the camera and finally we both looked up together as dad moved across the landing - both mum and dad found it so amusing - small things small minds springs to my mind here!

Now for the big news of the day - it was the falconry course tonight and I was to be the star of the show - again!!!

This time I was used as a demo for putting on new anklets and jessies - the difference now is these are not training jessies - they are big bird ones!!! Oh how grown up I feel now, its great!

Then to add icing to the cake, the "block" was brought out and I got to stand on it - wow it felt great....and the people on the course loved getting the chance to try out the falconry knot they had learnt on my new jessies and the block!!

I am now sooo grown up dont you think? Wonder what will be in store for me next.....

See you next time folks

Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 48

Well I really thought I was a barn owl and would in time be doing hunting as us barn owls tend to do - and it seems thats true

But I have such an exciting and varied life just now I dont know which I would prefer to do!

Over the last few days I have been seen to do the dishes, help with washing and driving the car, tackling the falconry glove, come face to face with Gizmo and a teddy - but today I really did get the job of all jobs!!!

I was a security bird!!! Mum went upstairs and naturally I followed her - I dont think anyone could have predicted what would happen next though... oh it was funny even though I say so myself!

The white dog Fern is known to love home comforts and will snuggle into the smallest space on the sofa so mum and dad have an old duvet that they gave to Fern - she sleeps happily on it wherever it gets placed. Today dad dragged it out onto the landing and Fern got comfy

Now I should just add that both Wil and Fern are terrified of me, so when I made it to top of the stairs I came face to face with Fern on her bed!!! She didnt even have the nerve to move her head...luckily dad came up the stairs and mum passed over the camera so we had these piccies to show you....

Oh it feels good to be in control - dont get me wrong though, I am not a bully - YET!!! I still cant believe something heaps bigger than me can be such a wimp!! Do you know she stayed there all morning till I decided to go down and see what mum was up to after she made her way down....

Mum took these on her way....

I do look cute dont you think? Mum said I was a real sweetie when I was peeping through the rails....oh I know how to get and stay in mums good books dont I?

Dad has had his glove on all afternoon - wonder if his hand is cold? I know he kept coming to find me and asking me to step up - which I did do, but hey I cant be bothered to just sit and watch the tv - a barn owl has things to do, places to go, people to see....

So I would fly off and seek out Gizmo who has had his freedom most of the day too - when he got up this morning he wasnt too good, seems hi had been jumping up and down in his box all night and managed to kock the lid into place which in turn meant he got too hot - it took a few hours for him to settle but by lunchtime he was right as rain again....

Mum really drools over that bird - cant see what she see's in him personally - he's just a boring grey gremlin looking thing - so the name Gizmo fits him to a tee!!! At least mum and dad treat us both the same - we both get equal cuddles and flying practice, as well as training on the glove and feeding ourselves!

I have been feeding myself again all day but dad did say he was a tad concerned that my weight was dropping now rather than staying the same as he had expected - so like yesterday he cut some food into big chunks and fed them to me just to be sure I was getting plenty to eat - and by doing it that way he knows when I have had enough as I turn away

Today I have had 2 chicks and 2 pheasants so thats pretty good really - my weight is a shade over 13oz now

Here are the last of todays photo's - tomorrow is another bg day for me - but I wont tell you about it now....see if you can guess whats going to happen???

Before I do go for now - had to share this photo with you - dad was feeding me and Gizmo was in his box but as I said about him in the night he started jumping up and down and knocked the lid over and as he jumped up mum snapped this piccy - isnt she a clever mum?

Bye then....