Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Day 84

Oooppsss yet again we are running behind - maybe it would be better to ...oh whatever!!!

Well TUESDAY which should be day 84 I think turned out to be a great day - not the same old same old kind of day at all....

Well in a lot of ways it was the same - up and weighed - stats all logged - fly for food  - and back - and again, and again - all absolutely perfect I must add....

Then it was in the garden for the day - I did hear dad say if the rain came we would be going back in - but it was on the whole an ok day weather wise with just the odd light shower or two

It was dads falconry course so he decided to take Kai and me along this week which I have to say was unusual, but then dad knows best!!!

Couldnt believe it when people started arriving - it was like Barn Owl city - and I mean that!!! I did used to be the only one - now most of the falconers in training have a baby barn different ages too!!

Really cannot believe I was once that small - and that ugly too!!!!

And what a treat - Kai wasnt the only Harris Hawk either - there was Casper who is around the same age as was great been with as many birds as people for a change!!!

Then dad suggested we have a walk to the fields and watch the Harris Hawks flying - it was met with great excitement - especially from Caspers owners - oh and what a sight it was too

Us barn owls fly so gracefully and of course silently which is a treat for anyone to watch - but to watch a Harris swoop and swoon really is something else!!!

Dad does something called a HAWK WALK EXPERIENCE - this is where he walks across fields and Kai simply flies and does his own thing but literally follows only a few feet behind dad.....amazing!!!

If you want to know more - check this link....

See you next time....

Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 83

Lets check on the calender to be sure we are on the right day today

Ah yes - Monday 27th June 2011 - mum managed it after all - seems the sun didnt go to her head as I feared - wonder why not cos the sun went everywhere else!!!

Today has been another very plain and ordinary day - the sooner I get the chance to learn proper outdoor flying the better as far as Im concerned

There has to be more to my days than wake up - fly to the scales - yippee not put weight on - fly to the glove for 1st piece of chick - cast back to the scales - fly back to glove and so on until I have eaten my fill!!!

Out in the garden today it was so hot and uncomfortable - even the ferrets stayed in their beds rather than sit tormenting me - they run up their cage door back flip to the floor and start all over again - what I wouldnt do to get the chance to ..... well its not going to happen is it - unless the cage door is left open for a ferret to do a runner - and of course I would have to be unleashed in order to fly to it - and....whats wrong with me? These are mums pets - oh yes - I'm bored!!!!

Nowt else to share so I suppose its more info from the Barn Owl Trust website.....sorry folks!

I have done a search and come across this video link to a Barn Owl Nesting Box - its lovely so have a watch - and enjoy!!





Day 82

Mums done it again!!!

Can you believe despite her coming on witht he aim of catching up and keeping things right - she missed a day again....what is she like?

But this time we CAN blame the sunshine....

So - its SUNDAY - hot and sunny - and I was such a good barn owl!

Dad walked to the kitchen - I flew to him - yeah!! Success - believe me he was a happy chappie!!!

So it was weighing time - I have stayed the same weight for around a week now - I did hear mum comment on how all females wish it was like that!!!

I did 4 or 5 lovely flights to the glove for my food - each time dad took 3 or 4 steps back so I was actually flying a fair way really - and oh it did feel good.....

All too soon it was time to go out in the garden with the other birds - but heck it was a hot un!!! I couldnt believe the heat - and mum just sat reading all day long - just glad my beautiful feathers didnt change to the colour of her skin!!!

Throughout the day I was moved so that I was shaded from the sunshine - if you've ever seen a bird panting through the sun, you will know its not a pretty sight!

And I just kept hoping for rain - normally I would hate it but a spot of water would have been very welcome - oh well, time to use the bird bath I reckon.....there's a first I can tell you!!!

Thats all for Sunday's news my friends.....

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 81

Oh no - we are behind yet again!!! Would like to have blamed the weather but it wasnt hot and sunny yesterday so mum wasnt outside!!!

So lets just IMAGINE its still Saturday....what news do I have to tell you....ermmm, probably not a lot again but here goes...

Dad went off with a lady from the falconry course - she was going to collect her very own 4 week old Barn Owl

She had asked dad to go with her as she was going to where I came from - and as dad has had 2 owls from the same breeders he jumped at the chance to go and catch up...

Billy & Diane live in Wigan and they are my very special mummy and daddy - I can say that because had it not been for them keeping a close eye on my barn owl mum and dad, I doubt I would have been here to share my blog with you....

You see my mum rejected the eggs - so my dad kept us all warm until we started to hatch - well that was the plan but mum had other ideas - she bullied poor dad and did everything she could to get dad out the way - sadly most of the clutch died - well they all died - except me!! Billy & Diane saw what was happening - they have CCTV in the avery - so when it looked as though mum was going to let me die too I was taken out and Diane spent all her time feeding and caring for me - keeping me warm and healthy - so a huge THANK YOU to both Billy & Diane...

Back to my day then - it was just about the same really - up and weighed - had my morning feed then outside for the fresh air with the other birds

Nicky, Vicky & Layton visited so they all came out to see me - for some reason Layton isnt keen on me - in fact there is a real fear in his eyes when he comes close or I flap my wings yet he goes to Gizmo and happily strokes and even has kissed him....strange child!!! How can he prefer that grey fat thing to me..... the mind boggles I must say!!!

Well my friends - I did say nowt much had happened - so heres Polly signing off for another session - see you all again later with todays news!!!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 80

Hello again my trusted friends!!!

And how has life treated you all today? Good I do hope.....

As for me - just perfect - have to say....

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened in fact the day was almost like every other day - but for some reason I feel happy today!!!

Mum let Gizmo out of his box this morning and I think he had his naughty head on today,.... to start with he flew up from his box to land on the outer edge of the lid so the whole lot went flying in the air and he landed flat on the floor - it was sooo funny from where I was perched!!

So mum battled to get into him, picked him up and put him on his perch - he obviously had other ideas cos as mum went to the kitchen he flew straight to her - and scared her half to death if her squeal was anything to go by - lol!!!

In order mum could do what she was trying to do she had to feed Gizmo - we all know that mum likes to THINK she is brave - in reality she is far from it as she cannot bear to cut up the chicks for us which is why dad feeds us almost all the time - but cos there were some mice out for us for today she was happy to feed Gizmo on a mouse - but dont think she was prepared for how hungry us birds are first thing in a morning - Gizmo literally snatched the mouse from mum and it was gone in one gulp!!!!

So she fed him another and he took just long enough for her to get a few photos for you all....even though this is MY blog not his!!!

After Gizmo had finished his breakfast it was my turn - and I too had a feast but this time it was dad who cut up chicks for me - and of course I have to fly to get my food - thats the difference between me and Gizmo - I will be used for hunting when I am bigger, stronger and more experienced whereas Gizmo is just a lovable pet of mums that goes to shows and gets peoples attention!!!

Dad then sat me on my block and Gizmo on his perch but as often happens these days then minute nobody is looking we are both sharing the smallest possible space - my block!!!!

All us birds did spend the day outside but not until dad had used the strimmer to get rid of the over grown grass and weeds from the small side garden - the weather was perfect today for outdoor lounging around.....

So as I said when I started todays news, I havent done anything different - but I have certainly enjoyed my day.....

Hope you enjoyed the news and photos - and before I go - enjoy this last picture - of Gizmo wearing mums slippers - oh how everyone laughed when they saw him - he will never live this one down.....

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 79

Hello again my faithful followers!!!

Welcome to the world of Polly....again! lol

Same old same old same old - thats just the start of the day - weighed and fed and put out on the block....

At the time of been put outside it was a nice enough kind of day - bit of sunshine and a light breeze - so comfortable for me - and I suppose for Gizmo and Kai too!!

Then mid afternoon the heavens opened - there were huge long flashes that filled the black sky followed almost instantly by the loudest blood curdling bangs of thunder - I dont mind letting you all know - I was scared stiff!!!

Not only was it rain, but huge great balls of ice too - and believe me they hurt as they rained down on us birds!!!

Now as a rule a few spots of rain and dad shoots out to bring us in - only this afternoon both he and mum were out - so we sat there and waited.....admitted it wasnt for long till dad got home....but it really was cold, wet, noisy and horrible!!!

By this time the bad weather had passed over and the sun was out again so we all spread wide our wings and let the sunshine warm us and dry us in the was heavenly!!!

Dad was in and out for an hour - think he was considering taking us in earlier than usual but in the end decided against it....which we didnt mind cos from teatime on there is always lots of noise and people passing by the gate so we have a nosey at them....

Without real warning though, the rain came again, followed by what we heard say was thunder and lightening - none of us like that stuff so hoping this was a one off!!!

Again nobody took us in - we know dad had gone out so thought any minute now mum will rescue us - she will - we know she will - but she didnt!!!!

If only she had taken pictures - we were so wet it would have been difficult for you to actually say what the photos were of as our feathers stick solidly to us so we all looked as though we were bald!!! Luckily we didnt have to stay out for too long so now we are indoors again having been fed and put onto a perch to dry off!!!

We are now hoping for NO MORE RAIN - phew - its a big big hope though isnt it??

Thats all for this tale people - be back again tomorrow with more news and gossip from Barn Owl Diary

Nighty Night

Day 78

Hello again - doesn't seem 10 minutes since I said goodbye to you all  - oops maybe that's cos it isn't!!!! lol

Silly mum....sillier me....

Today has been totally uneventful I have to say - same old things...

Was up and quite vocal very early - think it was a mix of mum coming down at stupid o'clock again unable to sleep - and then the light mornings and sound of the birds outside - someone needs to either buy them a decent alarm clock or just tell them its only 4am so we dont want bird song yet thank you very much

Like I said, I was myself quite vocal - and no matter where mum stepped I flew at her - shame at times that my leash isnt quite long enough for me to reach the wall - so mum slides along it - in relative safety!!

Gizmo was jumping up and down like a nutter in his box - its so loud as he hits the lid which jumps and crashes back down - cos the house is so quite it does come across so loud....

When dad was up and ready we were taken into the kitchen, weighed and then fed with a measly amount of chick!!! Now we are both growing so much our food intake is reduced drastically

After feed time its outside and on the block for the day - it was wet and windy at times which I hate - don't like rain at all!!! Gizmo and Kai certainly weren't fazed by it though....

Once safely back in doors this evening I had to do a few shorted flights to the glove for the last food of the day....because there were no distractions like mum or the dogs, I did a few controlled flights so dad and I ended the day on a high....
That's all folks....

Day 77

Opps a daisy - we are a day behind again!!! Silly mum - she clean forgot to do this on Tuesday - so we are playing catch up again

Although we are on Wednesday 22nd June - please imagine if you will, that it is still Tuesday 21st June and the longest day....

Tonight dad took me to his falconry course and I was again star of the show - or so I like to think!!!

One guy actually brought in his very young baby barn owl - hard to imagine not so long ago I was so like that one - quite ugly with white fluffy down that doesnt quite cover the pink skin.....but we all grow into beautiful Barn Owls that everyone then ohhs and ahhs over and wants to hold and stroke - and I for one love all that attention!!! But who wouldnt??

So at the course I had the chance to show off - I have been flying to the glove for food for a while now - when I am in the mood I have to add - so this was it - do it right anf have everyone in the room comment how how clever I am - or fail due to lack of interest and put up with the negative comments that really would follow

Dad had a slither of food held between his thumb and finger - and as soon as he lifted his gloved hand I flew to him - a silent flight of around 12 feet - and I felt on top of the world - I could hear all the gasps as I skimmed above people - it really was an amazing feeling for me - and I do hope amazing sight for others!!!

I could sense the pride dad felt - he had the biggest smile plastered across his face - and between us we did this flight several times.....the only real regret was there were no videos or photographs to share - it would have been a moment to capture for ever!!

There is always next time - cos the flights will get longer and longer - and as I improve then they will be quieter too!!!

So thats it for now....hope you felyt the excitement in reading this as people did on seeing it!!!

Bye my friends

Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 76

I am pretty sure we are caught up again now

Its definately Monday so well done mum,

Dads buzzing cos I am been so good with my flying - dont think its yet dawned on him that I actually love it anyway.....

Us birds were out in the garden all day which was great as it was sunny and warm again - well mum had a friend over for a visit and as mum does, before her friend left she brought her out to see us birds

And wasnt I naughty? And unsociable!!! Every time either of them looked at me I clicked - louder and louder...mum tried talking softly to me but it wasnt going to work this time - no way!!!

So then mum calmly walked over to me and put her hand out to stroke me - and what did I do? BIT HER! I know, it wasnt nice of me, then when she wasnt really expecting it I flew at her too - guess who went in the naughty book?

Gizmo on the other hand was a little angel - he happily perched on the edge of the table and let them stroke him - no worries - why dont I behave like him? I often ask myself that one...but I guess its cos I'm a bit of a rebel - but hey I am in my teenage years now....better live up to my reputation dont you think?

Nothing much else to share - but mum did get a few photos - they arent great as she needs to understand and master the settings on the camera - until she does - here are the offerings!!!

Most are of me at feeding time - this is after I have done the flights to get my food - then I go down and get the majority of the food

The flying piccies arent great but then its not so easy to capture a flying bird that takes off without notice

See you tomorrow folks....

Day 75


So Sunday saw me really flying - to the glove every time - and then back to the worktop - dad was so pleased with my progress....he is moving further away with every piece of food offered,,,,have to say it makes me feel great knowing I am getting there now - albeit rather slowly, but then I am still a young un aren't I?

My weight is stable again which is another big bonus - I just cant wait for the day to arrive when dad and me actually get out to practice the flying....

I'm told I will be on a creonce which for those of you who don't know, its a posh word for line, basically its attached to my anklets and when I fly I cant go any further than the line itself - saves a lot of heartache in the training days - means I cant go flying off when the mood takes me - as I have no level of concentration I just know I would see something and decide to fly and investigate - isn't that what the female of the species do anyway? NOSEY????

Well that's about as much news as I have for now - so like the last few days, I'm adding some Barn Owl facts you might find of interest!

The Barn Owl is a stunningly beautiful bird with golden/buff coloured upper parts laced with silver grey and white under-parts. It has a distinctive white heart shaped face and when seen in flight the overall impression is of a large white bird. The flight is buoyant and wonderfully graceful, the wings (spanning 85cm) are much bigger than the body. A Barn Owl is fully grown from only ten weeks old, it stands 25cm tall (from head to feet) and is 33-35cm from the top of its head to the tip of its tail. Barn Owls shriek and hiss, they don't hoot (that's the Tawny Owl).

Although there is a small degree of size variation this is not sex-linked. The sexes can be difficult to tell apart, particularly in the field. Females often have darker upper surfaces and small black spots on the underside. Males usually weigh around 330g and females around 360g although during the breeding season females may weigh as much as 400g.
Barn Owls hunt mainly from the air (rather than from a perch) and have some amazing adaptations enabling them to find and catch small mammals hidden in deep vegetation in the dark. They don't generally venture into dense woodland but will forage over any open habitat that supports a population of small mammals. Barn Owls may roost or nest in any structure or tree that meets their requirements.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 74

A huge thank you to the one and only person that commented on yesterdays blog - I will certainly do my best to continue, but would love to know people are genuinely interested in me and what I have to say - so please take a moment out to leave me a comment!!!

I have some personal info to share today - at weigh in today I was 10 7/8oz so considerably lighter than you will all recall - dad tells me this is perfect for the flying!!!

As you know I fly to the glove for food - when I can be bothered - and have nothing around to distract me - but I have, in this last feeding session of the day, complete 5 perfect flights from the side to the glove - and after capturing and eating the food I am thrown back so have to fly and land and be ready for the next chick - I so pleased with myself! Hooray,....

But now I am back on the block - not actually tied as yet - so I have flown a few times to the table as there was something new on it that was capturing my attention - I finally discovered what it was - doh - do I feel dim now - it was Layton's socks....I'll never live that one down now will I?? lol

For anyone who had a go at yesterdays quiz - here are the answers....

Find out if you are A Barn Owl EggHead!
1. False! Tawny owls hoot - Barn Owls screech! Have a listen to these Owl Recordings: ‘Owl Sounds' - to hear the difference.
2. True: On average, a Barn Owl will eat 4 small mammals each night. Can you work out how many are needed every night, for 2 parents with 4 chicks? Find out more facts about what Owls eat.
3. False! Barn Owls can hunt even on the darkest nights, using their super sensitive hearing! Find out more about How Barn Owls Hunt.
4. True: Read the Barn Owl Trust Information Page (You can download a Leaflet too) ‘What to do if you find a young Barn Owl' to find out how to do this safely.
5. True: Barn Owl Trust Owlets are kids who help the Barn Owl Trust to look after Barn Owls. You can help by telling your friends, family and teachers about lots of ways to help the Barn Owl Trust!

As you may have guessed, I took the quiz from the Barn Owl Trust website! Take a look for more facts, figures and great info on Barn Owls...

If you get the chance and have any interest, the BOT (Barn Owl Trust) have an online shop with all manner of bird related goodies - any crafters among you might like to know tehre are even a couple of rubber stamps!!!

This is quite and interesting page on the BOT website - you can then download and save all the leaflets - cant do any harm to get in the know!!!

See you next time folks,.....

Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 73

I think the time has now come for me to possibly think about posting here less regular - what do you all think?

Im basing this thought on the fact that most days are the same now I have grown up and lost all my fluffy down, I've developed my beautiful feathers

I've gone from living in boxes of various sizes to living on my lovely red block

Dad feeds me from the glove at most feeding times now.....

My weight rarely moves from one day to the next....

So - what else can I possibly tell you about me POLLY and my daily life!!!! I wish I had a more exciting life to share - I'm happy as I am but really feel I am letting you all down now and that not what I wanted to do...

Tell you what - how about I give you the normal rundown on my day, maybe add some things about Gizmo & Kai - and I will also find interesting Barn Owl related stuff to keep you interested - only until I start flying you understand!!!

So lets start today with a little quiz!!! Please please have a go at answering these - and leave me a message with your answers!!!

How much do you know about Barn Owls? Test your knowledge of Barn Owl Facts.
Do you think that the statements below are: True or False?

Pick a True or False Answer and call back again tomorrow to check your answers!!!

1. Owl Sounds: Barn Owls say: "Twit twoo" True or False?

2. What do Owls eat? Barn Owls eat mainly voles, mice and shrews. True or False?

3. Owl Eyes: Barn Owls cannot hunt in total darkness? True or False?

4. Baby Owls: If you find a baby Barn Owl that has fallen from its nest, you should put it back. True or False?

5. Helping Owls: Everyone can do something to help Barn Owls to survive and thrive in the wild. True or False?

Please remember these questions are to cover Barn Owls out in the WILD ....

See you tomorrow then,....

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 72

Have you ever in your life been so scared by something that you dont know what it is - why its there - where it came from - and wonder WHY ME???

Thats what I though tonight when the rain started - dont get me wrong, I dont LIKE the rain, but I'm not frightened of it...

But this was - was - well - something else....

I'm sat on my block watching it get darker and thinking that pretty soon dad will bring us all in and feed us before putting us to bed for the night - when suddenly from nowhere came the brightest flash of light - scared me I can tell you.....

Moments later was the loudest banging noises - and I thought mum slamming doors was loud! How wrong a bird can be....

Well the banging went on for just a few seconds I think - but every time the flashing came it had bangs following it - I have learnt after listening in on mum and dad once we were all brough it - that its called Thunder (the banging) and Lightening (the flashes) - and I dont like it  - no way!!!!

So us birds were in the safely of the dining room throughtout the thunder and lightening - it only seemed to last for a few minutes - but it was long enough to scare the living daylights out of me I can tell you

Clean put me off my food - and cos I didnt want food I didnt want to fly for dad - and no amount of coaxing or praise was going to move me today Im afraid - maybe this weather has made me rebellious lol

Nothing else to report back from today so best to sign off - bye bye

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 71

Crikey talk about panic!!!

Let me tell you all about this one - are you sitting comfortable? All ready?? Then I'll begin....

The day started as most days here do - both Gizmo & I were weighed and the weight was logged - after that we get our first feed on the day, yummy - and don't we all love and enjoy breakfast??

After that we are taken outside - I go onto the block, Gizmo onto his frame and down the bottom of the garden is Kai...and we have Charlie the Lurcher simply roaming and doing his own thing...

So far so good!!!!

Mum and dad then locked all windows and doors which would suggest they are popping out for a while - which is fine as we are perfectly safe and happy here with Charlie on the loose to protect us all...

A couple of hours later mum and dad return, I saw dad pull the curtain back to check on us all then suddenly he started yelling - the door burst open and he charged outside yelling to mum that Kai had gone!!!

Of course Gizmo & I looked to see what was going on - but the picture was - dad running about like a nutter with a few chicks in his hand - and mum stood at the end of the garden looking to the rooftops!!!

They both disappeared again - dad out the gate and mum into the house - OH DEAR - where could Kai be I thought....I do hope they find him!!!

Suddenly dad came back into the garden, stormed past Gizmo & I and entered the house - then we heard the familiar bells!! Because Kai is a hunter he has bells on his legs so he can be heard and traced - so on us hearing the bells we breathed a sigh of relief all was well....

At that point mum came in the front door and the look of relief when she saw Kai - and asked dad where he had managed to find the bird - dad did look sheepish!!!

Call me stupid or something he said - so mum asked how he had managed to coax Kai down, was it with the chick she said - he sort of smirked and said he had forgotten to actually put Kai out this morning!!! Naturally mum called him STUPID!!!

So all that panic we all went through - and poor Kai was just chilling on his perch in his least it was a little excitement in what would otherwise have been a normal dull day!!

I didnt get to try my wings at flying - it wasnt the right weather and then with the Kai incident dads mind just wasnt on it - and knowing my luck - I may well have flewn and got lost!!!

Time to take a chill pill and end her for the day folks

Again sorry its so uneventfully in my life just will get better soon - I hope!!!

Day 70

Phew what a scourcher of a day!!!

I had the daily weigh in - and yet again I am at perfect flying weight - seems I cant fly in the rain, or strong winds, or the excessive sunshine - so lets hope we get poper flying weather tomorrow - oh and that I dont "have a headache darling" day!!!!

So it was the normal, fly to the glove for my food - which I did today - dad moves back a little each time - thing is I am so easily distracted - he says I have the concentration level of a gnat!! Lovely eh?

Then I was put on the block in the garden - do you know I have new friends now I am out there so often - people who walk past have taken to stopping and peering through the gate at me - amazingly they whistle to me and expect me to look at them - I dont respond to whistles - then again, I am an ignorant little barn owl and dont often respond to much at all!

These 2 links are for the videos mum did - one was yesterday and the other a day or two ago - they only last a minute or two but they are worth the view I reckon!!! If you like them please leave a comment on you tube and click the like button too!!!

I know its been a short one today but there really isnt anything to tell you - but lets hope the weather will be right tomorrow so I can have my first proper lesson in flying - and that mum gets some new and exciting photos and videos for you all to see - you certainly deserve something after todays feeble effort at the blog....

Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 69

Have I played up today!!!

Dad has been so patient - he pops the food on the glove and taps it - and waits - and waits - and waits!!

Then in a gentle voice its Polly - come on Polly!

And what do I do? Sit there and look at him as though hes speaking in a foreign language!!! Poor dad

But he doesn't give up easily - so he keeps on trying - and just when he least expects it - I fly straight at him, and as he moves I land on his shoulder - and cheekily just turn my head and look at him!! At least it makes him smile...

And I got the food without flying for it

Yes I know I'm been naughty, and acting like a spoilt Barn Owl - maybe its because I am - spoilt I mean!!!

Dad loves me regardless though - I think I know how far to push him, and thats much further than I can push mum I can tell you, she doesnt appear to want to take any messing about from me - I do try the head to a side with the "ahhh look at me" eyes, but it doesnt often work Im afraid!!!

Have to say it was pleasant out in the garden today as the sun was out and my block is in such a position that I can be in the sun or in the shade as I decide...and I hear its even better tomorrow - think I over heard mum say if its going to be that sunny she will be out in the garden all day - us birds like her been out there with us cos she does talk to us and when she has her little walkabouts she comes over and strokes us all which is lovely

I am still at the perfect flying weight so who knows - maybe tomorrow will be the day I take my first real flight - mum will have to get herself set up on utube so she can start showing you the videos - might be worth you all reminding her when you next contact her!!!

Thats all for today the folks....

Night night

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 68

Another day another dollar - isn't that what they say?

Well let me tell you, all I earnt today was a wet wet wet body - bbrrrrrr - this time of the year I believe is called summer - and if it is, then take it from me - you can keep it!!!

I was up and raring to go early this morning, dad did the normal, weighed then fed me and then it was outside on the block - again!

Have to say it was OK to start with - then Vicky arrived with young Layton and they both came out to say hello - from a distance - I really cant see why they wont come over and fuss me up - they do Gizmo - I guess its all that Sid's fault, he made Layton scared of him by flying around the room and finally landing on the tots head - I hear everyone laughed - except Layton who screamed the house down and has never been a fan of us Barn Owls since!!!

Well to say the rain came down is under statement of the year I can tell you - it started with spots and in seconds it was in sheets - I was so distressed I even tried to climb under the dying weeds by the side of the shed - why oh why did mum have to go and spray them with that weedkiller a day or two ago - they were so tall and bushy it would have made a perfect shelter...story of my life these days.....

I saw dad at the window on and off - don't think he could decide what to do - leave us out or bring us in - he chose to leave us all out for quite some time so by the time we came in we were literally dripping wet through!

I was put onto the block and Gizmo onto his new perch - it was so funny watching him "drip dry" as mum called it, you could see the water running down his back and dripping from his lovely tail feathers into the waste tray below his perch - thankfully we soon dried off and no harm was done....

That meant we had to spend from mid afternoon till supper time in the dining room on our own - oh I tell a little white lie - the dogs did come and lay with us for a few minutes until dad opened the door to let them into the living room!!!

And other than my few flights from the scales to the glove for food its been another same old same old day!!

One day soon, I am pretty sure we will have some new and exciting news and photos to share - so please friends - hang on in there till that happens

We have been here together from the start - you enjoy hearing all about me and my days - so please continue to follow Barn Owl Diary!!!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 67


I am just sooo predictable these days arent I??     gf,kk=p[';' (oopss this was the imput from Gizmo - he is on the loose in the room and just landed - erm crash landed - onto the keyboard!)

Its been another day of mixed bag weather - it rains and I am grounded - YES!!!!!

It stops and I aqm put outside - boo hoo

Mum was at the ready with her camera this morning at feeding time - and guess what? I wouldnt play nicely!!! Mum really cannot just stand still with her poorly knee and I thought - nope - I am not going to be a good Barn Owl and do what they want me to do so piccies can be taken and added to the blog - so I just sat and looked around the kitchen - totally ignoring all the whistles and name calling - ha ha - ONE NIL to the Barn Owl

Dont really know how or when, but for some very silly reason I did decide to fly for the food offered - could it have been cos I was starving hungry? Yep!!! And I think mum took a piccie but I recall her saying it was a soso and maybe on screen it would be too blared to use - shame really cos she said I was in full flight and looked stunning - I'm my own worst enemy arent I??

So mum is updating here and I am downstairs with dad - there are no dogs, no birds, no people, NO DISTRACTIONS and still dad is trying hard to get me to concentrate and fly to him for the food - guess Im feeling lazy - or could it be I am lazy - think that could be the truth!!!

Mum just shouted to dad that Gizmo is sat on her printing eyeing up her pet bearded dragon - and the BD is desperately trying to break free to get to Gizmo - and I am missing out!! Dont you lot laugh cos you are too as we have the camera down here and mum hasnt even got her phone up there with her!!!!

I guess that is it from the boring Barn Owl Polly until tomorrow

If mum did have a photo from my flight - she will add it here later so please be sure to pop back and check!!

UPDATE - Yes mum managed to get just 2 piccies - not great - but something to look at so enjoy


Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 66

Crickey I feel old!!! Day 66 already - that means I must be around 72 days old now - cor blimey - its ancient!!

Seems a long time ago when I was a young all over fluffy lovable baby I know how people feel when I hear them talking about how time passes quickly!!!

This morning I was up early - cant say the same for dad though - mind you he was out till all hours so I guess it was to be exoected!!! Anyway when he was ready I was weighed and today it was announced I am at the perfect flying weight at 11oz - shame the weather wasnt up to much all day - the rain stopped trial outdoor flight practice!!!

But dad was really pleased with how I flew to the glove over and over again - he thinks I was getting to grips with it all - in reality - I was starving and know the only way to get food and fast is to do what he wants - remember I am the Wise Old Owl!!! lol

So we have all spent the day indoors due to the rain - I love it inside but poor Gizmo was pretty restless, a few times he flew over to my block and helped preen me - dont think he realises I can do it myself - although secretly I do enjoy it!!!

Once upon a time I would have been saying this block aint big enough for the two of us - now I just think twos company and good fun so bring it on boy!!!! Who would have thought that a Barn Owl and a Tawny Owl would be bestest friends eh???

I have had a good varied diet today too - with chicks, pheasant and mice - what a good life I have!!!

Sadly no photos for you again today - I guess it will often be that way now - there really isnt much more mum can get photo wise now - once dad starts taking me out for training flights you will be knocked out with them all - but until then you will have to make do with big boys and girls books - all text no pictures!!!

See you tomorrow friends.....

Day 65

Just look at the time....whats happened I wonder? Ahhh yessssss, now I remember - dad has gone out for a few hours and mum decided she would have Gizmo upstairs with her - and as usual, he takes up all mums time - seems she cant even drag herself away long enough to update my blog! Great, sidelined by a tawny owl of all things!!!!

So again all day I have been out in the garden - and I H A T E it I have to say - if I was a parrot I would be practicing to tell my dad DONT PUT ME OUT HERE!!! I think its cos unless mum is hanging washing out, or sat out in the sun, I dont see anyone at all - if I am in the house I get a fuss from everyone as they walk past even if that is just mum and dad!!!

I was rather naughty this morning - as mum walked past I flew at her, she put her hand out to stop me so I gave her quite a painful nip - amazingly she never had much to say, then dad took me off to be weighed, I was 13 and 1/4 oz today - and then dad suggested to mum she get the camera and position herself in the corner in kitchen so she could capture me flying to glove for food - so she got sorted, dad put his glove on, held the food and waited - and waited - and well here is what happened....
You can take it from me he was NOT happy that I wouldnt fly to him - so he had to give in and feed me a bit at a time while I sat happily on the scales - see, Im not as dim as some would paint me!!! tee hee....

I wonder if it was punishment that I was left out in that garden all day long - I doubt it as us animals are so well looked after - but it does a bird good to think its knows the answers - especially when its is WISE OLD OWL like me!!!

A few more piccies to close for the day....

Forgot to say mum actually shot a decent bit of video of Gizmo at play and caught me in a mad flight to get the camera off her - sadly its too big to go on here so I think she is looking into adding it to utube so a link can go on here
Watch this space....

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 64

Hello again my following friends!!!

Before we go any further I will add that here are no photo's again today - mainly due to mum and dad been out and about all day and some of the evening so mum didnt get round to taking any - I think she mumbled something about not worth bothering to take any as they are all much the same these days - and do you know - I reckon she is right!!

Ahh but then yesterday she did get photos of me mantling which was certainly very different - but today nothing has happened to write home about!

The day didnt get off to too good a start - dad wanted mr to fly to the glove for my breakfast but I was in my lazy lady mood so refused point blank to do anything!! So in the end he fed me like he had done when I was just a chick....yes I know I am acting a bit pathetic - well a lot pathetic I suppose - but hey ho thats life!!!

I have done as he wanted through the day when he has been around though - think I have done 4 or 5 short flights to the glove for food so that always puts a huge smile on dads face and I get a hug for it!!

On the tv was Springwatch and mum and dad took interest in a Barn Owl with a nest of chicks - its one thing people seeing us on the telly, or even you people looking at my photos, but you honestly cannot beat seeing me face to face - been able to stroke me, hear all my clicking and calling, see how I spin my head around, how I dance on the block.....think thats why mum and dad continually say how lucky they are to have both Gizmo and me - they saw we are great fun, that we are amazing characters, and that they just couldnt imagine us not been around anymore

Dad was telling mum that one of the people on the falconry course had bought a baby barn owl yesterday and how you soon forget how small and fluffy they are, how you have to chop up the food so small etc - mum soon added she wouldnt like to go through it all again!!

I freaked mum out this morning though - it was sooo funny - well I though it was even though I know she wont admit it was something to look back on and laugh about! She was out in the garden and as Gizmo & I were on perches out there she stopped to say hello to Gizmo, gave him a tickle and fuss up then walked over to me, leaned over and went to stroke me, but I flew at her hand! She stopped in her tracks and the colour drained - all I wanted to do was sit on her hand - I love to be held almost as much as I love the stroking - anyway mum freaked and dropped me back onto the block cursing me as she walked on down the garden,...I still chuckle to myself when I think about it!!!

When she told dad he said that was a really good sign that I was learning - he was trying to teach me to fly to the hand or glove ever time he comes near me and the fact that I also want to do it to mum makes dad a happy chappy....

Thats the news from Polly for today folks - lets hope something new and exciting happens tomorrow so I can share with you....


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Day 63

Its been a mixed bag for me throughout today I have to say!!!

I started off being weighed, then I was back onto my block and had a chick thrown to me in order I feed myself....which I did do, but in my own time!

Then I was taken outside and put on the block with Gizmo on the rusted frame and Kai on his super duper bow perch further down the garden!

All was going well till the rain started - for some reason dad decided I had to be brought in - ok I know us Barn Owls dont like to be wet but it wasnt more than a few drops of rain! But anyway, Gizmo was brought in and placed in Kai's BIG box which he really seemed to enjoy - maybe it was because it has a perch in it and its a dark place so he can get some quality sleep!!!

Mum didnt like the idea of me snoozing - I was on the glove with dad in the living room, and I was soooo relaxed I decided to have a nap - mum decided I wasnt! When she saw I had my eyes tightly shut she called my name over and over until I gave in and looked at her - take it from me, it was not one of my nice and cute looks either!!!! LOL

After a few hugs and cuddles and even a couple of nose to nose nudges with dad I was put back on the block with a chick - mum was there with her camera to capture me feeding - but she got more than she bargained for!!

I showed her how good I was at MANTLING - this is where I cover the food, guard it from everyone - I click loudly too - its like hearing a gunshot - and I do that every few seconds - its my way of saying "You are in my space - please get out of the way and now!"

Here are the photos of the food landing follwoed by my capturing it, and mantling before finally scooping the food and heading back to my block to eat it! A show which only lasts a few minutes but people find impressive - mainly as I spread my wings to their full extent which isnt seen very often so clearly - sadly mums pictures arent that sharp but at least you get the idea!

So today you have learnt all about MANTLING - maybe one day soon mum will get to shoot a video of me doing it so you see it for real together with the sounds which make it really exciting!!!

And now another day is drawing to a close - its been a good day too!!!

Before I go - take a moment to read the article mum posted in a new page yesterday....just look for INCORRECT INFORMATION down the right hand side of this blog!!! Its certainly worth a viewing I have to say!!!