Friday, 29 April 2011

Day 24

Talk about treats - I had plenty today - nope, I didnt get a chance to fly the ring to the beautiful Kate at the Royal Wedding - but maybe one day....
Instead I was taken off to Brummie land - but first it was a trip to McDonalds - whey hey!!! Take a look at this - my very first experience with a McDonald bag!!! Ok so in one pic I have my back to it - but thats cos Im the start in the photo, not the bag!! And look at the huge smile on my face on the next piccy!!!

Then on route to Wolverhampton dad had to pull over as his leg and hip were playing him up so he needed a leg stretch - although I was in my box on mums knee - and she wasnt getting out - she popped my box onto the drivers seat - so WOW Im ready to do the driving - how cool is that - a baby barn owl driving!!!! Bet that would turn a few heads!! Not all the way round like mine though - lol

Anyway - the reason we were going to Wolverhampton was cos mum really really wanted an owl of her own - dunno why really cos her and me are best buddies - I spend hour after hour on her lap - of climbing all over her - my latest is to climb to her shoulder and peck away at her ear-ring!!!
But dad found some baby tawny owls for sale - rang - and today we travelled to collect it - what a weird thing it is too - cant see how she can say its cute - come on, I mean, everyone tells me I am gorgeous - so goodness knows what they might think when they see THAT thing.....
They always say some things are so ugly only a mother could love it - that has to be true with that tawny I can tell you - yet mum is all cooey about it!!!
Look at this photo and see for yourself!!! This was the very 1st photo of it
Cos I have been out all day I havent had much to eat - just a couple of chicks and a couple of mice - and mum is losing it today cos she just cant remember what I weigh - oh dear - must be old age kicking in!!!
Here are a few more photos taken throughout today!!!

See you all again same time same place tomorrow

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 23

So whats new for today I hear you ask - well to start with, I have had 5 chicks and 1 mouse and today weighed 13 5/8oz - so a super weight baby barn owl dont you agree!!!

And guess what - all the piccies today are of me with my dad!! Not that is soooo unusual as he really isnt that bothered with photos - but when mum said something about same old photos day after day he scooped me up and mum began snapping away and got some pretty good action snaps....what do you think to these then.....

Ahhh dont I just look cute? Who can resist such a cute soft fluffly ball like me???
Dad was nipping me to make me flap my wings I reckon cos no matter how mum coaxes me I never flap like that for her - but however or whatever he did. the photos look pretty good - and it made dad smile which is a huge bonus!!

Just look at those feathers bursting through - absolutely stunning arent they!!!

And this last photo tickled my mum  - she was giggling and said she could imagine me saying something like - Bombs away - and fleeing from dads shoulder!!! Dad said mum was silly cos I was more likely to be saying " I want to be free" slight exageration in the text there - he didnt say it - he sung it as its the start of the fab Queen song.....

Other than that - its been a same old same old day - oh almost forgot - mum suddenly announced she is having a baby!!! If you had only seen my face  - I was rather put out I can tel you - and more so when she explained it was a baby Tawny Owl not a human crying pain in the butt baby!!!! Can you believe they want to bring another baby into the house - dont she think she has enough to do as it is??? I think we are all going to collect it tomorrow afternoon - just hope I dont end up with my beak pushed out as mum has always spent so much time on and with me - will it ever be the same again...sob sob  xxx

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 22

Great news - I think - mum and dad have finally decided I can be named - yes I know, we still dont know for sure what sex I will be, but based on observations of me and Sid when he was my age, we are so different, I am much bigger, taller, and more vocal so its been decided, I am a female - so my name will be POLLY!
So here is a picture of my mum and me - dont we both look pleased now eh?
Oh how I love sitting with mum - she strokes me, tickles me all over, and plays with my feet - and I do need to have my feet touch and played with as much as possible in order to strengthen them.....
Today I was in for another lovely treat - dad actually put me down on the living room carpet - oh what luxury, it was all soft between my talons - so much nicer than standing on kitchen roll and cat litter I can tell you!!!
Anway, I managed to take a few steps on the carpet - and I had stretches galore - it felt great having all that wide open space to stretch and paddle about!!!
Here is another photo showing just how my wings are starting to look like the barn Owls we see in pictures....
Ok so they arent the best photos but you do get the idea!!!
Details of the day now - have eaten 6 chicks again - look at this photo and see just what a messy eaten I am!!! And my true weight today was 13 1/4oz - maybe tomorrow I will hit the 1lb mark!!!

Ok then folks - thats the lot for today - mum is nagging dad that they really need to get some more interesting photos - so watch this space and see whats what tomorrow
Byyyeeeee - oh one more thing before I go - the photo below shows just how tall I am now - look at the teddy - wasnt that long ago I was the same size as it - not its only level with my knees....

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day 21

Oh ny word - whatever is happening? I have a trip out and come back looking like this.....
The thing is - dad is really pleased with fact he even took me to mums class to see the ladies and show me and the contraptions off!!!
He says they are called training jessies - attached to anklets - did you ever hear such a thing for a yound owl like me!!!
Well I keep looking down and wondering how can I get rid of them....I've tried pecking but lose my balance and bruise my beak - standing on them but trip myself up - so for now, I have to leave them while I work this one out!!!

It was lovely getting out and about again - and those ladies made such a fuss of me - although they seem to think that cos Im just a baby I cant hear them talking about me - how I am turning from the ugly dickling into a beautiful owl - how many more times I AM NOT A DUCKLING, IM A BARN OWL!!!!
Someone commented on how lovely and soft my down is and dad explained that the down will fall away as my feathers come through....and talking of feathers - look at this!

Its hard to believe just how much that one feather has grown since the photo of it yesterday - flick back and see for yourself - I have plenty of feathers but they are all still well hidden - I have my stretch and mum sees them but I dont show them for long enough so by the time she has her camera out Ive gone back to hidding them!!!
Today I have been a hungry baby owl cos I have eaten some 6 chicks, produced a large cast so weigh a healthy 12 3/4oz now....
This next photo is a rare one - mum managed to capture me blinking - just in case you dont know, we owls have 2 sets of eyelids - so the blue are the inner ones that dont get seen much....
Right then my friends - you've seen all todays photos and got the day's gossip from me - so until tomorrow....
Take care

Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 20

Oh my word - what's happening to me? One day I am a baby owl and happily go about my business - then today I stand tall, look down - and what? HELPPPPPP - who stole my feet??? I know they are there somewhere but I ust cant see them.....
Now they must be there cos mum has yelped several times this evening saying I was clawing her....oh well, maybe they will re-appear again tomorrow!
Mum was also really excited when I flapped my wings and she saw just how my feathers are coming through - but hey dont take my word for it - see for yourself....

I bet you are sat there now looking at your monitor going ahhh look at that!!! I am dead proud of my wings  - and although mum did try, she just couldnt get a decent pic of my disc now its showing solid feathering but give it a few more days and you will see it! If you look closly at the photos mum is adding, you will see she is generally covered in my discarded down - every time she touches me I shed a tad more - I need to do this to make way for all my adult feathers!!!

Todays not been too exciting really as mum wasnt too good and I spent most of the day in my box in the kitchen catching up on beauty sleep - and please dont dare say I need it!!!!!!!!!! lol
I've had 5 chicks today and weighed 12 1/4oz so I am fast approaching that 1lb mark arent I?
Mum said she loves this last photo - she had a caption for it - but I thought it might be fun if you all commented and left me a caption - I look forward to reading them!!!
Here is the photo....

Ta ta for now folks....

Day 19

Boring facts and figures first today folks....
I have had 4 chicks and 1 mouse and weighed in at 12 1/8th oz....
Between you and me - Im getting pretty bored with the same old grub - I'll tell you what, tonight I was snuggled down on mums lap and she was munching her way through a small bag of cashew nuts - what I wouldnt have done for just a taste of thoses - did she offer them - yep she did - to dad, and then Fern & Wil got a couple - as for me - nothing more than a sniff!!!

Nothing exciting happened in the life of the baby barn owl today - well apart from mums friend coming to see her and having a nosey at me - she cooed and said I was so cute and growing quickly - tell me something we dont know eh?
Oh mum did manage to get a recording of me hissing like a pressure cooker so I am sure she will attempt to add it here at some stage - she also got a video clip of me nattering away as she calls it!!!
In fact all it is, is me opening and closing my mouth but she always laughs and says Im having a right good gossip!!! Oh if only - believe me I could tell a good few tales....
Heard mum say she had ordered a bird bath this evening - just hope she doesnt expect ME to use it! I am happy been all scruffy looking with my dinner round my beak and on my chest - start as you mean to go I say!
This next picture mum took made her smile when she looked back at it - she said something like - all innocent, as though to say hey it wasnt me!!!
As you will have noticed we didnt quite get this added on the right day - but I wont tell if you dont!!!
Mums typing this while I sleep - thats the way to do it!!!!
Last photo for today - to to give you an idea of how tall and strong I am now - I have been walking about happily....there will be no stopping me now folks....

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 18

Hiccup!! Hiccup!!
Opps sorry - seems I had a drop too much!!
So heres my story for today - are you sitting comfortable? Bet this will put a smile on your faces!
Dad asked mum if she fancied going out at lunchtime and she said yes - then he asked mum if she wanted to take me....if was crossing everything - even my talonless toe - and she said yes! YIPPEE!!! Didnt matter where we were going - I was going too.....
Well seems they knew where they were going but didnt think to tell me....we went to a lovely little village pub - sat out in the pretty beer garden and it was lovely
A couple of people at the next table were breaking their neck to see in the box so I just peeped over the top and heard all the ahhhs look at that!!!
Anyway, mum and dad gaot talking as they do and shortly after that the couple left and were soon replaced but a groupd of cyclists who were so interested in me and my life so far....
Dad kindly took me out my box and put me on the table - so naturally now I have found my feet - I had a little walk - to this....
You can see just how I am growing when you look at the pint of beer - and of course I wasnt stood upright!!! Oh that beer sure looked good - smelled good - and I bet it tasted good too...not that they let me have any!!!
After a couple of hours it was back home for my lunch - a yummy mouse - and then I did what all people who drink at lunchtime do - got my head down for a nap!!!

Now I would bet that you looked at the photos and scrolled to hear to read more - well before you read on - have a proper look at the photos - you will see the teddy is stood upright and you can see the box is in its correct position - but I laid down with my head on the floor and my feet up the side of the box - mum and dad howled with laughter - I was actually asleep as she tried to take the photo but with her laughing she woke me - believe me they both had tears streaming down their faces with laughter!!!

Its quite difficult for me to show how much I have grown because I dont often get to stand up tall when mum has her camera - but if you look back to when the esure teddy first appeared in my box, I was around the same size - but look at me against it now!
Here are a few we managed to get of me standing proud!

And this last photo shows my fluffly trousers!!! Its a good job they are fluffly or you would see my knobbly knees - not a pretty sight I can assure you lol

And so as another day draws to a close, all thats left is for me to update you with my weight - 11 1/2oz - only put on 1/4oz since yesterday - and I've eaten 3 chicks and 3 mice - this is a pic of the last mouse I had....I know its not so nice to see - but it is nature - and they are yummy!!!
Bye from the dizzy dippy world of the Barn Owl