Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fantastic Video

Long time no see I know

But as I keep on saying life is pretty much the same day in day out now I am a fully grown beautiful barn owl

And yes I do still sing my own

All is just fine here for us - Gizmo is same as ever - he must have been a domestic god in his previous life though as he positively drools when mum and dad do the cleaning - he gets immense pleasure just watching the hoover or mop going back and forth in front of sad!!!

And he STILL at every opportunity gains access to my perch - he has started flapping like a mad owl and drags his perch 2 or 3 feet so he can then hop on my perch with me - Im pretty certain he thinks I like it - well if you read this Gizmo - I DONT! OK!!!

Im happy just watching the days happenings - I keep myself to myself these days - but mum still walks by and attempts to stroke my head - so this is a message for you mum....

When I was a baby that was great - I loved it - but Im a big barn owl now - and I dont like it!

So stop looking so shocked when you talk to me then go to touch - and I bite you!!!

Right then - back to the reason for posting - mums friend Ann sent her this link and we all think you should enjoy it too,.....

Thank you for reading - hope you miss me as much as I miss all of you....


Sunday, 28 August 2011

You Tube

Well mum did promise she would add her video to You Tibe for you all to see

And she did!!!

So have a look - enjoy - and let me know what you thought to it!!!

On the down side - there is a hissy/clicky sound to the video - mum didnt know why - or what to do - apart from switch the sound off!!

Happy Viewing!!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A day in the sun....

During the week we had what we thought may have been the start of summer 2011 - sadly it was just 2 days of sunshine

But Gizmo and I made the most of it

Dad put us both out as normal and as is the way when the sun shines, mum heads for her garden chair - and this week she was armed with her camera!

So Gizmo and I posed for her - well you have to do what you can to make old folks happy dont you??? Believe me all us birds did was look at each other, smooch together - clean each others feathers and gaze into each others eyes and mum thought she was in heaven - snapping away like there is no tomorrow

Had I said like theres no sun tomorrow it would have been so true!!!

So we have no real news or gossip to share but there are some lovely cute piccies - and mum got a fab video but it sadly will not upload on here so I think I heard say its gonna have to go on you tube and the link then shared on here - oh well - watch this space is all thats left to say!!

In fact I think I should just share with you whats happening in some of the photographs - mum put the baby ferret out in the run for an hour - fancy putting the run in front of me - I kept looking and licking my lips - DINNER - YUM YUM - well the ferret would climb the mesh and nibble at my talons so I would hiss and spit at it - but try as I might there was NO WAY I was ever going to manage to get hold of that white think that everyone seems to coo over!!! YAK - makes me sick! If there is a cutie anywhere round here ITS ME!!! And do not forget it!!!!

Enjoy the photos my friends.....

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Oh my - 2 posts in less than an hour - whats happening???

Too much sun today maybe??

Anyway thought I would quickly share a couple of mums favorite photos at the moment

You may recall dad looked after Barney a short time ago while his mum and dad had a holiday - he was just a baby then - well he still is I suppose but he has more than doubled in size!

Anyway a few nights ago dad and Barneys dad Andrew were going off to a meeting so Barney was left with mum

It didnt take her long to have him out his box and sat with her on the settee....and he loved it!!!

Here is a couple of new piccies of Barney taken on 15th August

Bet you're sat there now saying "I want one"

I know my mum is.....

Till we meet again folks,....

Take care

He Aint Heavy

I have just spotted the date we last posted on here - that is amazing  2 weeks ago so I made my big bid for freedom

Seriously though - its hard to see where the last 2 weeks have gone - wasn't that long ago I was posting here daily....oh how times change!

Thought I would share with you a little "incident" from this afternoon in the garden....

Dad threw us a chick - by 'US' I mean Gizmo & myself - so there we were - our perches shaded from the sun - WHAT SUN - and as always we were pretty close together

We as you all know - us females don't eat much - and I am such a picky eater at the best of times - but today I soon demolished mine and was looking longingly at Gizmo's chick - just laid of the path - invitingly.....

Think Gizmo must have read my mind though cos as I made a leap for it so did he!!! He I gave him the sad eyes - and what did he do - HE TURNED HIS BACK ON ME!!!

And once back on his perch boy did he rub it in he had a chick and I didn't!!! So I lunged towards him - no luck - tried again - and again - and again but no joy at all - my leash was just a few inches short

Gizmo turned to look at me and teased as he slowly demolished his chick - what a rotter he is!!!

Doesn't that song go "He aint heavy - he's my brother" - well take it from me - he is HEAVY - cos he's a greedy owl

Fancy not sharing with his sister - had it been the other way round I would have shared with him - Honest!!!! And pigs might fly.....
Hope you enjoyed the story of our feed in the sun!!!!

See you again soon

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Polly's Big Adventure!!!

Well its been a while since I last posted on here - but I did say I wouldn't be posting so much as nothing different was happening!!!

Well - I couldn't wait to share with you my very first BIG adventure

Oh what a great time I had too!!!!

Look at the photograph - what do you see....

Nothing but leaves and branches

Look again!!!

Its me....tee hee...

And this is how my great adventure came to be....

We were at a little fundraising event over in Routh East Yorkshire, everyone was there to set up - mum, dad, Andrew and Graham - the gazebo went up, chairs out and then all us birds made a grand entrance!!!

Graham had Casper his Harris Hawk - Andrew brought along Barney the 4 week old Barn Owl, then there was Gizmo and me.....

Although not a lot of people were about to start off with they all made a beeline for us birds - and didn't we all love it!!!

Well I started to show off as I do tend to try whenever there's an audience - and today's gathering was perfect! So I flapped about a bit while the spectators oohed and ahhhed - then I aimed to get up on dads shoulder - as I'm sure you all know, us birds love to get to the highest points whenever possible so a shoulder or better still a head is great - anyway - I landed on dads shoulder and flapped about again to keep peoples attention on me....

Naturally dad went to calm me down a little - raised his right hand (birds are ALWAYS on the left hand - rarely any exceptions!) and at the same time I took flight - totally unexpected - and without warning I was up up and away!!!

I did hear people say it was like something on TV in slow motion as I took flight and slowly my leash slipped from dads fist and rose up his shoulder - over his head - and too high to reach by the time it dawned on him or anyone quite what had happened!

Now I know I should have just flown around and come back - but no - I had to show off a little first - so what did I do?

Flew up into the highest trees!

And sat and watched as dad, Andrew, Graham, mum and others stood below looking up, calling my name, whistling and generally looking shocked and nervous!!!

I had no plans to come down too soon - I had a great view of everything and everywhere - but poor dad is beginning to worry - you could see it in his face - so after around 45 minutes he decided he had to go all the way back home and get his ladders and maybe some food to try tempt me with!!!

All in all I think I was up there around 2 hours till Graham climbed to the top of the ladder and then climbed around 6ft up the tree - to rescue little old me....

The relief on dads face was a real picture I can tell you - I honestly think he had it in mind I was going to fly off and he wouldn't be able to find me again

Does he think I'm stupid? I love my mum and dad - not to mention my buddy Gizmo - plus dad feeds me on yummy chicks - bugger having to hunt for my dinner - I'm good - but not that good!!!
Look at the lovely Gizmo - he was such a good bird today!!!

Hope you enjoyed the Naughty Polly adventure....

See you next time folks


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Photo's - but not Polly!

Blinking typical - I have a blog dedicated to ME - to chart my growth, my intelligence etc and then some bright spark decides to go taking piccies of Gizmo in his bath to share with you

Mind you, that Gizmo loves to be in the bath or in a puddle - hes a real water owl I have to say..

Here are lots of photos mum took out in the garden last Thursday 28th July...

He sure did have fun

Not for me though....water - yikes - cant think of much worse to be honest!!!!

Before we go I must just add that when Gizmo calls its quite high pitched and to our shock - and suprise - dad went to bring us all from the garden a few days back - it was late - after midnight - he heard noises and there on a lamp post behond our houses were 2 tawny owls perched on a high street light happy chatting to our Gizmo

Hope they will be back again and soon!!!!

Till the next time which hopefully wont be too far off

Well not sure if you will believe this - but mum and dad are actually - erm were actually - bird sitting!! STILL

We had CASPER with us for around a week - but his dad came and collected him this evening - think dad was chuffed to swap the bird for a bottle of real ale lol

And the other bird if Andrew's baby barn owl - he left him with us last Wednesday - and do you know  my Mum has become really attached to him - and is snap happy with him....

Hey mum - what about me???

So the baby - Barney - is growing at an alarming rate - his mum and dad asked that we get a photo every day for their album and mum hasn't let them down - yet!!!

As hes only small  - and young  - he stays indoors all the time but everyone stops to talk to him and give him a stroke which he loves

Here are a few of the photos - one from each day he has been with us so this was taken on 27th July

And then 28th July

29th July

30th July

31st July

and finally 1st August

Isn't it amazing how he has grown day after day....

I think mum will be pretty sad when he goes home to his mummy and daddy on Wednesday - but its been great fun having him over for the week!!!