Saturday, 20 August 2011


Oh my - 2 posts in less than an hour - whats happening???

Too much sun today maybe??

Anyway thought I would quickly share a couple of mums favorite photos at the moment

You may recall dad looked after Barney a short time ago while his mum and dad had a holiday - he was just a baby then - well he still is I suppose but he has more than doubled in size!

Anyway a few nights ago dad and Barneys dad Andrew were going off to a meeting so Barney was left with mum

It didnt take her long to have him out his box and sat with her on the settee....and he loved it!!!

Here is a couple of new piccies of Barney taken on 15th August

Bet you're sat there now saying "I want one"

I know my mum is.....

Till we meet again folks,....

Take care

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