Saturday, 27 August 2011

A day in the sun....

During the week we had what we thought may have been the start of summer 2011 - sadly it was just 2 days of sunshine

But Gizmo and I made the most of it

Dad put us both out as normal and as is the way when the sun shines, mum heads for her garden chair - and this week she was armed with her camera!

So Gizmo and I posed for her - well you have to do what you can to make old folks happy dont you??? Believe me all us birds did was look at each other, smooch together - clean each others feathers and gaze into each others eyes and mum thought she was in heaven - snapping away like there is no tomorrow

Had I said like theres no sun tomorrow it would have been so true!!!

So we have no real news or gossip to share but there are some lovely cute piccies - and mum got a fab video but it sadly will not upload on here so I think I heard say its gonna have to go on you tube and the link then shared on here - oh well - watch this space is all thats left to say!!

In fact I think I should just share with you whats happening in some of the photographs - mum put the baby ferret out in the run for an hour - fancy putting the run in front of me - I kept looking and licking my lips - DINNER - YUM YUM - well the ferret would climb the mesh and nibble at my talons so I would hiss and spit at it - but try as I might there was NO WAY I was ever going to manage to get hold of that white think that everyone seems to coo over!!! YAK - makes me sick! If there is a cutie anywhere round here ITS ME!!! And do not forget it!!!!

Enjoy the photos my friends.....

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